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We believe that the KVM International LLC electronic wallet customer loyalty program is unprecedented in that it gives back to:

  1. Member customers in our prepaid program:
    1. 1% of their web purchases credited to their eWallet account.
    2. An additional 1% of their web purchases to their local high school music program.
    3. interest on their available eWallet prepaid funds balance.
  2. Community through donations to:
    1. St. Jude Childrens' Hospital of 10% of net web sales proceeds*
    2. Shriner's Hospital 10% of net web sales proceeds*

In order for member customers to qualify for the rewards described in #1 above you must have purchased the $100 annual membership then made an initial deposit into your electronic wallet account. Each unit you deposit into your electronic wallet has an equivalent value of one US Dollar (par value=$1 USD).

Available balances can be applied(deducted) toward your future purchases within the KVM International LLC network. Available balances currently earning 4.25%** interest (APR) compounded monthly through the automatic purchase and reinvestment of additional units.

Best of all, there is no fee for this service and no limit on how many units you may purchase! You can sign up for periodic automatic recurring purchases directly from your bank account. Ask for an Authorization Form. A statement will be sent to you each month or electronically to your email account depending on your preferred method.

Receive 1% cash rebate on all of your eligible purchases. Shipping and taxes are not eligible for the rebate program. Only product purchases are eligible for the 1% rebate.

Your units can be redeemed at any time at no cost to you. Redemptions can be made via:

  • Credit to your KVM International LLC eWallet account
  • Pop Money directly to your US Bank Account
  • Check mailed to your registered account address on file
  • Wire transfer to your bank account less applicable wire transfer fees
Historical Rates 
Month Rate
September 2018 TBD
August 2018 4.25%
July 2018 4.25%
June 2018 4.25%
May 2018 4.25%
April 2018 4.25%
March 2018 4.25%
February 2018 4.25%
January 2018 4.00%
2017 average APR for 12 calendar months 3.80%
2016 average APR for 12 calendar months 3.25%
* This offer in its entirety void where prohibited by law. Reward paid annually to customers with an active account and in good standing. Proceeds are determined net of any depreciation, amortization and income taxes. Amazon purchases are not eligible.
**Interest rates are variable and will change according to current market conditions. Actual Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on current APR of 4.25% over a 12 month period is 4.33% but will vary depending on frequency of change in the monthly APR. In the absence of a properly completed W9 form may require 20% backup withholding on interest paid. 

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